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I need more hot leads 

I need to book more calls

I need you to book our calls

I need high ticket sales 

I need more  techs

I need leaders to step up

Jeremiah Webb - Master of Growth

Jeremiah Webb, MBA


Jeremiah's grandpa started an HVAC business in Tacoma, WA. Jeremiah's two uncles grew it to a size that they could sell it at with a fantastic exit strategy.

After spending time there with them, Jeremiah was hooked. Jeremiah has been training and coaching world class customer service, sales, and leadership development for over 21 years with big brands like American Express in their exclusive Black Card Division.

Jeremiah has worked in high level leadership positions in the Home Services world for the Manufacturer, Distributor, and for Dealers.

He's run national call centers in residential HVAC and light commercial. He specializes in infusing high energy into your service business and getting your employees and businesses to grow with his very powerful processes and technology.

At the end of 2012, Jeremiah founded Shop On Fire. Shop On Fire specializes in Fire HOT Leads, CSR Training, After Hours Call Centers, High Ticket Sales, Fast Tracking Leaders, and Technician Recruiting to scale and handle powerful and high energy growth. 

Shop On Fire is known for getting your employees SUPER engaged in your service business and brings MASSIVE energy to your team. They are also masterful with the youth, and have turned around many kids of service business owners to help them achieve success and fulfillment at a young age. 

Shop On Fire believes that that there is ALWAYS a way to overcome ANY obstacle and turn it into and opportunity. If you ever see us, please approach us. We welcome a conversation with you. 

What They're Saying...


Just got out of Jeremiah's High Efficiency Sales Training! Let me tell you how awesome of an experience the training was.. First of all he is a super positive high energy trainer with 20 years of experience in all areas of business, second he has cutting edge ideas that truly crush the competition (I closed a sale over the phone during a break using only one principle he taught), third he uses and trains on programs and technology that takes presenting to a home owner to the next level! When your technicians or sales professionals leave this class they will understand the importance of TOP SHELF customer service and a proven system for sales that will increase their closing rate by over 30%. I've closed $1,500,000 in sales already this year using these sales principles.

Nick Slater Comfort Designer

Customer Experience Accelerator

Sorry to bug, but I had to tell you. I just used what you said. The gas station called to have their walk in fridge repaired. I told her we don't do that but bear with me I will find someone who does, I have her a company and then said but in the future call us for all of you heat, a/c, and plumbing problems! It actually went really well.

Customer Service Rep Customer Service

Customer Experience Accelerator

"This training was one of the best mind blowing experiences. I use everything I was taught, everyday."


Customer Service Accelerator

Your training helped me gain confidence to take over the call without being demanding or aggressive towards my customer. I was able to let my customer know that I was in charge, but I am here to help and not tell them how to feel. With your training technique I was able to book that call every call and my stats went up tremendously. I also learned to stay more patient on the phone for a customer who was not happy about a service that my employer performed, or about fees that apply to our services.

I am not kidding when I say there was about three calls that I DIDN'T book. (over a four month period) The rest I had in the bag. (we get about 8,000 - 10,000 calls a day)

Lori Michael and Sons Customer Service

Employee 180

Hey Jeremiah, this is Q.

I know it's been a while since our last session but I just want to say thank you. I just came back form the duals at Coral Gables. Man time flies, its been a year already. I met you at that tournament and it was absolutely a gift for me to meet you. Anyways, last year I sucked at this tournament and this year I kicked ass! Lots came in to mind, and that's where you first met me and helped me too. I'm doing great now, wrestling and student life. and part of it goes to you. I'm socially more open to people, paying attention to people, and wrestling wise, I learn to push myself and understand how my body moves, I've come a long way, with lots of help.

Thank you sir!!


Leadership Accelerator

Coaching is a great stress reliever. I have been bottling up feelings both personally and professionally with no real outlet other than my spouse (with whom I work with in our family owned company). When I finally get up enough courage to confront him with my feelings and emotions; or I get completely overwhelmed and "throw up on him", its usually at a point when I do not feel I can take another minute longer. I usually do this as I am running out the door; leaving him with a puzzled look and a "what the heck just happened" feeling!

In just one 15 minute conversation with Jeremiah last week. I was able to sleep that night and I feel I could breathe again. After another 45 minute session the next day. I am learning how my past is not my story any longer. I am learning to speak my truth even if other's are not ready to hear it, and most of all, I am learning to have faith. I am so excited to keep working with Jeremiah so that I too can grow into the the positive and forward thinking person that I know, with his help, I can be.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!!!

Diane D. Co-Owner

Leadership Accelerator

Good Morning, It may be difficult to quantify our call last night. However in my mind, and in my personal thoughts this morning you have proven that the work we did together clearly was able to be counted as a financial miracle for me and my business.

Have a blessed day!

Matt Owner

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