Jeremiah Webb, profile picture

Jeremiah Webb, MBA

Master of Growth Via World Class Customer Experience and Cultural Excellence

Jeremiah has been training and coaching ultra high net worth customer experience for over 20 years with brands like American Express in their Black Card Division. He specializes in the massive acceleration of leaders and employees toward achieving outstanding results in the shortest amount of time possible. He also leads our Employee 180 program that is designed to turnaround any employee in your organization in one day or less. Jeremiah scours the planet monthly for the most powerful training on Earth and makes it even faster. He then masterfully breaks it down into simple instructions and steps for your company to learn and live. Jeremiah earned an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Thunderbird has been ranked the #1 school in the world for International Business for 21 straight years. He speaks several languages including mandarin Chinese and Italian. He plays many sports, maintains exceptional health and fitness, and loves to compete. He resides in Sarasota, Florida with his daughter Brooklyn and enjoys teaching her how to surf.

Kevin Crenshaw, Strategic Leadership

Turnaround CEO, Leadership Design, Company Transformation

Kevin Crenshaw is a strategic partner and advisory board member that actively works with Shop On Fire in its leadership practice. Kevin is a 6x+ entrepreneur, Rapid Turnaround CEO, and an approachable CEO. Kevin is also the creator of the Total Relaxed Organization productivity system that has changed thousands of lives and companies.  He loves leadership stories, speaking, people problems, and physics. As a former satellite antenna technician, his fingerprints are in space.

Jayme Westrom, M.Ed, RMT, RYT

Master of Financial Aligment

Jayme earned a Masters Degree in education from Goucher College. She developed her Financial Alignment Technique after several years of in depth research in the healing arts with a specific interest in removing emotional interference fields from the body. Her specialties include; Quantum Reflex Analysis, Body-Mind-Spirit Diagnostics, Distance Healing, EMF Protection, Medical Intuition, Vastu, Financial Alignments and Root Cause Discovery. Jayme facilitates Financial Alignment Workshops across the country and works directly with clients. She attributes her talent and success to the generosity of her teachers.

Carlos Siqueira

Master of Sales

Carlos has seen massive success at an early age as he quickly rose through the ranks in the corporate world in Sales. As is often the case, major success professionally can lead to imbalance in your family life and this caused him to seek an even better way to succeed and he found it here. Carlos found a way to ignite his passion for sales and bring the powerful processes that he used to achieve financial success early on as he now enjoys sharing it with others and winning with them. His results always speak for themselves.