Burnout can affect even the most promising employees. In this piece, the author — an executive coach, management consultant, and former faculty member of the department of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School — argues that if you don’t carefully manage the often unconscious need A players have for kudos and appreciation, they will burn out in a way that is damaging to them and unproductive for you. The key lies in understanding what makes your A players tick. The author suggests that the best way to support these top performers is to offer them authentic praise, help them set boundaries, and teach them to play nicely with their subordinates. These A players can be among the hardest to manage — but if you invest in them, you can multiply their value to your organization many times over.

As your team begins to see stars rising to the top, it becomes more and more important for you to be able to manage top talent and big personalities or players. Like how was able to manage a championship team with huge players and huge personalities like Michael Jordan, Scottie pippen, Dennis rodman and Tony Kukoc.

What we Provide
We have a proprietary system where we gather business intelligence and work with you on managing each of your A players individually.

This powerful system allows you to work with your coach so that you can afterwards manage , personalize, and deeply customize the progress and tremendous fulfillment of your top and most important A players.. we handle things with you behind the scenes so that you can handle them on your own afterwards with flying colors and get the buy-in and credit from your team. We will properly ensure that you get the credit to deepen your ability to influence your team and manage a players at the highest level. 


As your company begins to grow and really accelerate, it’s imperative that your business acumen, your skill set, and that your awareness –  to see an anticipate what’s going to happen before it happens –  match the growth of your company, or even better stay ahead of it. One of our amazing and incredibly experienced business coaches will ensure that this takes place with you.

So you can always stay ahead of your team and stay ahead of the game and match or stay ahead of your company’s growth as well. Not doing this will lead to self-sabotage. In other words, if your company grows faster than you, you will start to shoot down, close down and implode the growth within to match your old skill sets in your old abilities. So this one not only makes you look good but helps you stay ahead of everyone else that looks good as well.

Managing Their Insecurities

The good news for bosses coping with complicated A players is that managing superstars is not as difficult as it seems. The biggest challenge is simply recognizing that these driven stars have these hidden vulnerabilities. Once you’ve understood their unexpected weaknesses and needs, you can apply some straightforward guidelines and techniques to help them overcome their limitations.

A players crave praise, but unless it is sincere and tailored to them, they will suspect that it is fabricated and dismiss it out of hand.