The Power Of Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking Positive thinking is not just uplifting but remarkably transformative. It’s almost magical how your mindset can reshape your world. My journey, alongside witnessing others’, has solidified my belief in the profound and positive impact of maintaining a positive mindset. Both positive and negative thoughts possess immense power, yet they lead to diametrically opposite […]

The Power And Importance Of Parent Coaching

Does your autistic child do well in therapy but misbehave at home? It’s a fairly typical situation that can be resolved with ease. Parent coaching is the solution. Positive changes in Kevin’s conduct at home will become apparent when you know how to deal with challenging behavior the way Jeremiah does. I swear to that! […]

How To Grow a Small Electrical Business and Double Your Sales?

How To Grow a Small Electrical Business and Double Your Sales?

When you first enter a competitive industry, queries like “How do I market an electrical business?” or “How do I grow a small electrical business?” come to mind. The electrical industry is competitive and demanding. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2019 and 2026, the employment of electrical contractors will increase by 9%. […]

Increase Sales and Lower Employee Turnover at the Same Time

pic of Jeremiah getting pumped up

Hello, this is Jeremiah Webb with Peak Results Consulting (now called Shop On Fire). A question that we’ve been getting asked a lot right now is how do we increase our brand? How do we increase customer loyalty? How do we deepen relationships and grow even more our product? And the answer is first and […]