How to get the MOST out of your next tradeshow…. after ACCA Orlando 2024

shows what happens to our learning when training starts and when training stops

What were the best experiences for you at ACCA Orlando 2024?

There is something incredible about an in-person experience. The power of proximity if you will. It does something deeper to us and gives greater energy. Which is one of the reasons that you went.

I am sure that you learned some incredible things at the tradeshow but who is holding you accountable for doing them? After a blast of mastery (an in person event with some amazing speakers and breakout sessions) within a week the teaching and insights begin to fade. We call this “The Training Effect.”

An in person blast of mastery gives you a boost!

So if things have started to fade one of the keys to make it fresh again is to go back and recall what you were at the trade show for. This will trigger your brain and help you recall what has already started to fade. And keep the loss from being so large. And if you took notes, then look at them. And let your brain re-recall what you wanted to go back and do.

At the begining of my speech at ACCA Orlando 2024 “Turn Total Opposition Into Sales” I spoke on how to get the MOST our your next tradeshow. If you were there, then this is a great reminder. If you werent, then tune in to listen to this quick clip.