Increase Sales and Lower Employee Turnover at the Same Time

pic of Jeremiah getting pumped up

Hello, this is Jeremiah Webb with Peak Results Consulting (now called Shop On Fire). A question that we’ve been getting asked a lot right now is how do we increase our brand? How do we increase customer loyalty? How do we deepen relationships and grow even more our product? And the answer is first and foremost, people are not buying a product. They’re buying a feeling. Okay, they’re buying a feeling. So are your employees obsessed with creating raving fans? Are your leaders obsessed with creating raving fans and raving employees? Are the top leadership owners, VPs, Executive VPs, of your company and executive leadership obsessed with creating raving fans, raving employees and raving coworkers? And what the leadership conveys, displays and portrays is everything. What’s the feeling that they generate? How often are they in a great mood?

If they’re in a great mood often, can they coach the people they work with to be in a great mood often and the people that they coach and then the people that they influence, can they influence simultaneously people to be in great moods? When you’re in a great mood, you have great answers, great responses, great solutions. When you’re not, they’re not great responses, they’re not great answers, they’re not great solutions. It starts with the highest level of leadership. What kind of feelings do your employees, your workforce, your divisions, do your departments, do your entire areas that you are responsible what kind of feelings do they get from you? What kind of feelings do those leadership give to their teams and what kind of feelings do their teams give to their clients, end-users, consumers and so on and so forth. It starts at the top.

I’m Jeremiah, Peak Results Consulting (Shop On Fire). We coach everyone from the top to the bottom to be in a great state all the time, to convey fantastic feelings all the time and make sure that they have mental, and emotional, and physical and even spiritual, at times when necessary, fitness to deliver the highest levels. My name is Jeremiah Webb, Peak Results Consulting (Shop On Fire).