How You Posture Your Body is How You Feel…

Which idea worked best from ACCA Orlando 2024?

Sometimes all is takes is one really good idea to make a HUGE difference. What was one idea for you that you found super useful? Or one idea that you are still using now?


How you use your body is how you feel!

One of the big ideas that we shared was “How you use your body is how you feel.”

See the powerful data below about risk tolerance, testosterone and cortisol levels…



 Once I change my body then what?

So if you feel stressed right now while everyone you know needs cold air yesterday… its NOT because you’re busy. Its because of how you are sitting or standing? Once you change your physiology then go to focus and meaning.

Listen in as Jeremiah Webb – our Founder – explains…




Text from the video:

It might happen quick but if we do a slow motion video and break it down our body changes first then our Focus changes and then the meaning and language. And some people communicate with their hands you know… like this “read between the lines.” Right? And so “nobody knows how to drive but me!” Like whatever we’re going to language, okay. So let’s say we do that, and we’re straightforward like this. And we’ve said some Choice words. you probably don’t want to say them right so I’m leaning forward and then I look up at the driver… I see a young… probably a dad or husband with a pregnant lady in the back of the car. Like with some blood on her head now. What happens? Massive shift again right? So now instead of this… I’m like “oh” and I change my body again, my focus changed again, and now the new meaning is “hey let me pull in front and block for him let me help him get through all the traffic.”