Great CSR’s Don’t Listen, They Discover


Greetings, it’s Jeremiah Webb with Peak Results Consulting (now Shop On Fire), and I want to talk to you today about a couple of things. Number one is to understand a great CSR doesn’t listen, they discover. Everything we hear is based on a series of questions that we ask, and also the way that people language stuff, it causes a biochemical reaction within us, and then we decide to go in one way or another. See, what we focus on here at Peak Results Consulting isn’t just listening, placating, “yes, I’m listening, uh huh, yeah yeah yeah,” so on and so forth, because that’s not listening. Listening, and discovering, is really getting down to why they wanted to work with you in the first place. What drove them, what got them excited in the first place?

And by the way, this isn’t just something at work, this is something you can use in your personal life as well, in your own relationships. So the discovery process is not solving the problem, but solving why the problem is a problem. And that’s what I want you to get, that’s what I want you to understand. It’s a deeper level of work. It’s understanding human behavior, it’s understanding what drives us and why we decide to do the things we do, and how we go about meeting our needs.

When we get into this, and we work with the Customer Service Representatives, their understanding goes like this and just takes off. They start to get it, they start to understand, they start to discover. And when you can uncover, with your customers, what it is that drove them to want to work with you in the first place, in the very call, every single time you talk to ’em, you have a powerful CSR. Thank you for listening to me today. This is Jeremiah Webb, Peak Results Consulting (Shop On Fire), where world class service will get you world class growth.