How to Get More Out of Your Employees Immediately


So the question I get asked a lot is, Jeremiah, how do you go into these companies and totally change the culture and turn it around? How do you do that? How do you get the results you’re getting out of these people? How do you get their employee effort to go from a three or four to a seven or an eight, where a two will get you fired, a three you’ll fly under the radar, and a four’ll get you promoted maybe in two to five years? And the answer is simple, it starts with one actual thing that you’ve gotta start doing, every single day no matter what, and that is priming.

You’ve gotta prime for your shift. Priming consists of things that I have them do 20 minutes before their shift to get them ready, to get them going, to get their blood pumping, get their mind exercised, get their mind straight, get their psychology straight, get their mind frame, their emotions, everything in order. And power their body with breath at the same time. So we do a ritual we call “Breathe, Walking and Priming” to get them ready for every single shift. The question then becomes, how do you get ready? How do you prepare for your day? How do you have your people prepare for theirs? Do they just walk on the field and start playing? What level of competition can you maintain if you just walk on the field and start playing, if you don’t warm up, if you don’t stretch, if you don’t listen to headphones to get your mind straight, and see and enjoy the victories going on in your mind before they even happen?

You’re gonna get hurt, you’re gonna get injured. You’re gonna be behind 30 to nothing at the end of the first quarter. Or five minutes into the first quarter. So the key is, you’ve gotta prime, you’ve gotta get ready for your shift. We have a very specific process that we use that guarantees results every time, brings a high level of energy and intensity that’s controlled and powerful and contagious. Get your people ready for their day, get them ready for their shift, Prime.