Creating Raving Fans Even via Collections


Greetings, this is Jeremiah Webb with Peaks Results Consulting. (Shop On Fire) Have you established in your company, your division, your workplace, your crew, your members, whatever. That the number one thing they must be obsessed with is to create a raving fan, whether it’s in IT, sales, customer service, troubleshooting, problem-solving, even accounting and collections. Are they obsessed with creating a raving fan. They can be and when they are they create an absolute magical experience. You can call on a collection to collect money and create a raving experience for somebody. Or they can say, wow, they were so amazing. They found so many options for me. They just inspired me, they motivated me, they helped me to solve my problems, so I could then pay them and solve theirs.

It’s all possible when you’re focused on obsessing about creating raving fans. At Peak Results Consulting that’s exactly what we do. We help every single person, individually, ongoing, initial training and ongoing coaching on how to stay focused, how to create raving fans no matter what you’re doing. Customer service, collections, anything. It’s all possible, it can be done. We have clients doing it right now and it totally changes the game for you, your business, your area and your division and transcends cross-functionally through your entire company, division, areas, businesses, sister companies, whatever it is. My name is Jeremiah Webb, Peak Results Consulting (now Shop On Fire). Anything is possible when you set an outcome, when you get mastery on that, and you have someone to hold you accountable ongoing, thank you.