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In 45 minutes, I'll change your business and your life.

Hi, I’m Jeremiah Webb. For more than ten years I’ve accelerated service businesses so they:

  • Get more sales almost overnight, without more advertising
  • Give world-class service without replacing staff
  • Turn normal leads and clients into raving fans
  • Attract and keep more high-ticket clients
  • Stop losing leads to competitors
  • Run the business hands-free, so there’s no need to micromanage

$1200 Value at No Charge

I’ve helped a lot of big-name companies.

Now, I’d like to help you the same way. There’s no good reason why service shop owners and businesses should drop leads, lose clients to competitors, feel overwhelmed, or feel like they can’t “let go” or relax because their people can’t run the business as well as they can.

In 45 minutes, I’ll show you how to start solving those issues. You’ll see measurable results the very next day.

The most common reaction after a Strategy Session is: “This is the best thing I’ve done to help my business all year—at any price!”

business-logos such as Fidelity, NBA, General Electric, and Cisco.


Your $1200 Strategy Session Is Free for the Asking.

If You Ask.


Frequently-Asked Questions

“Do I Qualify?”

To qualify, you need to own, lead, or or be in a responsible role in:

  • A service business (HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, etc.)

    Which is:

  • Wanting or struggling to expand
  • Unable to run without the owner(s)
  • Losing prospects to other contractors
  • Not getting rave reviews from all your clients.

“I’m Really Busy. Is This Worth My Time?”

YES. I promise it will make a difference right away. You’ll get answers to make a measurable difference the very next business day.

The most common reaction from someone after a Strategy Session is: “This is the best thing I’ve done to help my business all year—at any price!”

“What’s It Like?” “What Happens in a Strategy Session?”

A Strategy Session is 100% confidential and 30 minutes long. It works like this:

  • I listen to your situation and needs and current issues (if any)
  • I ask insightful questions specific to your situation, to get to the root issues
  • I teach you principles that will make a difference right away
  • You get specific actions and options you can use right away to start transforming your business