Step Away CEO

Imagine if you could clone yourself and that your clone would run the business as good or even better than you. We will find and prepare your clone, so you can step away from your business.

You want great results fast. And you want workers that think and act like smart, passionate owners.

Your people want freedom to take action, power to be excellent, and to feel connected to something great.

But how does that happen? Strong management? Self-management? Touchy-feely workshops? NO. Controlling management creates exhausted leaders and bureaucracy. Self-management adds risk and fear. Feel-good workshops rarely “stick” because they don’t solve the real issues.

Nowadays, great leaders create leaders instead of followers. Instead of taking power and control, they give it away… as fast as people can handle it. Done right, this creates happy workers and liberates bosses. We call the process Step Away CEO™, and it’s designed to clone you so you can step away and enjoy why you went into business in the first place.

Free Yourself, Unleash Excellence

The result is excellence. You get smart teams and responsible leaders at all levels of the organization. Everyone cares. Everyone takes ownership. All brains are switched “on.” People are self-motivating. The see the best ways forward without manager intervention. They take the initiative—intelligently and together—to make great things happen.

And there’s more. Risk is managed automatically. Leaders start stepping back to think more strategically. Everyone focuses more on the “real work” that matters most, so productivity and profitability jump. People LOVE going to work again. Recruiting and retaining the best talent becomes easy.

Instant Change From the Very First Day

We teach, lead, and support you through the process, every step of the way until we identify you heir and successfully clone you. You and your people will feel relief on Day 1 and excitement to move to the next level. Confusion stops. Bottlenecks and delays disappear. Everyone feels responsibility and ownership. Natural motivation soars. Everyone thinks and takes initiative without special “engagement” or “innovation” programs. 

Best of all, most of the change happens while people do their normal work. We train, then send them out to use their new skills, then return, report, and adjust. Future steps happen as fast as people are ready. Within 90 days your whole organization feels freedom, focus, and motivation. They make smarter decisions than you ever could, because now you’re tapping the power of every mind, not just one.

Jr. Step Away CEO

Training the Future Owners of Tomorrow

Not only do we train business owners and executives at all levels, but we also offer an exclusive coaching leadership program for the children of our clients.

We firmly believe in the next generation of American business owners and are committed to doing everything possible to strengthen these young future leaders through life changing coaching sessions.




You’re probably wondering:

What is the transformation process like?

How do you handle worker concerns?

Will it work in our shop? We have a special situation…

You’ve got questions. You’ll love the answers. Let’s talk.