Lead Generation Accelerator

Top-Performing Businesses Find Them Before They Find You…

You want great results fast. And you want more customers that act like your best customers… but how?

Your business wants leads to fill the job board, quickness to get to the good ones before your competitors do, and to power to win over a customer who has used someone else in the past, but with a great experience will leave them to try and work with you.

But how does that happen? Strong marketing Self-promotion? Social media? NO. Cutting edge technology that is smart, can learn, and can give you the ability to get to a potential job a few minutes before any of your competitors. Technology led marketing adds speed and advantage to your value and gives you the opportunity to win someone over who you normally wouldn’t have gotten to first.

Nowadays, great technology creates great competitive advantage. Instead of talking about power and control, you take it and go after business in a whole new way utilizing the power of AI and Machine Learning. Done right, this gives you the speed and agility you need to win as much business as you can handle. This is not for the faint of heart. It is for the hungry and those who love to win and believe that they will deliver more value and quality than any of their competitors. We call the process Fire Hot Leads™, and it’s at the heart of our Lead Generation Accelerator for service shops.

Free Yourself, Unleash Excellence In Your Marketing

The result is excellence. You get great leads and lots of opportunity to win someone over to working with you. Even if it is a few minutes before they may have used someone else you will get the change to persuade others to try your service instead. All technological intelligence is switched “on.” People are curious about your shop. The see the best ways forward as trying someone new. They take the initiative—intelligently and together—to make great things happen and you deliver to make it so.

And there’s more. Risk is managed automatically. If you have any holes in your internal sales funnel then we will find them and help you solve those holes permanently. Everyone focuses more on the “real work” that matters most, which is conversion. People LOVE the challenge of new business again. Recruiting and retaining the best customers becomes easy.

How Would It Feel If Your Company Could Dominate Your Market With Technology?

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You’re probably wondering:

  • What is the lead process like?
  • How do you handle lead concerns?
  • Will it work in our shop? We have a special situation…
  • You’ve got questions. You’ll love the answers.​ Let’s talk.