How to Get Alignment in Customer Service and Sales


Hello everyone, Jeremiah Webb with Peak Results Consulting (Shop On Fire). One of the questions I’ve been asked recently from directors, vice presidents, presidents of divisions and also business owners themselves is they’re struggling with how do they get greater alignment within their teams and the people that their responsible for in leading. Typically it’s not the communication and message is bad. They’ve been very clear in what they want. But the message isn’t received and then followed, and especially received and followed with great passion. Which is even better in a higher level of success and a greater level of achievement and effectiveness. And so, what we do is we go in and work with these individuals that are responsible for.

First of all we work with the leader to make sure that the alignment is exactly what they’re trying to do and in the right direction that they’re really focusing on. Most are clear about this, some aren’t exactly clear. They’re not clear on specifically where they want to go and then clear on specifically why they want that before they work on the how. So what we do after that is then we meet with the individuals of the teams one on one, each person, at least with the managers and also hopefully with the teams as well depending on how many there are. Or we do it in groups at a time. And we work with them to overcome the things that are actually holding them back from becoming aligned. Believe it or not, it’s not cuz they don’t want to. It usually comes down to personality conflicts or personality problems. It comes down to not wanting to change for very specific reasons, and each person’s reason to not want to change is totally different. It comes down to negative attitudes. And it comes down to they associate the change with some type of pain. Either fear that they’re going to lose their job. Fear that it’s gonna mean that they can’t be friends with someone. Fear that it means that they can’t sit next to… Just all kinds of stuff that may seem trivial to leaders, but is very real and very important to the people they work with and lead. And so we work with them to help overcome this.

I want to throw out two ideas to help overcome this. Number one is: to understand what matters most to each of your employees. And this is crucial and really truly understanding, personally and professionally, what matters most to them. And then building a development plan to help them get there. Also, the next key piece is understanding how they’re using their time and what they’re focused on and not focused on. And helping redirect that based on what matters most. This is what we do at Peak Results Consulting. And that’s how we achieve tremendous alignment. The pain of the leaders goes away when we align their teams and get that alignment from the communication message that they’ve, most of the time been very clear on, but just haven’t been able to see it through. And we do it very, very quickly. This is Jeremiah Webb, Peak Results Consulting. (Shop On Fire)

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