Sales Accelerator

Top performing technicians and comfort advisor's never leave a customers home without knowing what their problem was, and sharing 3 - 4 solutions that solve that specific problem. 

Have you ever noticed how often potential customers are told what they need without the person assessing the situation even knowing what the problem is according to the customer?

I have been in over 600+ shops in the last five years and the one common theme I find among nearly all selling technicians - and comfort advisors' -  is that they cannot tell me what their customers problem was "according to their customer". They can tell me what they think the problem was, but they cannot tell me what the customer thought the problem was. 

In order to perform at a high level you need to find out what they feel is the problem. In their world nothing else matters. To do this, you need a process to discover their lifestyle needs, and it needs to be able to connect with any type of person out there. Not just the one's who are like you. After doing this you need to have a process for accuracy to discover the technical needs. Over 90% of current installations are done with some level of inaccuracy and DO NOT deliver the level of efficiency that the manufacturer designed it to deliver.

These are two massive gaps that we would love to help you overcome quickly. We also specialize in injecting energy into your team so that a powerful momentum goes along with the powerful processes.