Peak Results for Your Service Business

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How can I 3X profits with some CSR Training?

How many calls does your service business get each day? MAKE MY PHONE RING MORE 

Have they had CSR Training before?

How many times does a CSR say, that call couldn't be booked? Or, we couldn't help them? Or, they just wanted a price? Or, they just wanted to talk to a technician? Or, they wanted a ball park price? (HOW DARE THEY call us) Or they called the wrong number? Or... on and on and on.

All of these calls can be booked and are booked by a highly skilled and trained CSR. And as soon as they think they cannot get any better, they are right. We can ALWAYS improve. But we must believe that we can. Your CSR is one of the MOST important employees in your organization. You might say, What? No way. My revenue producers are. Ok. Let's go with that. So your technicians are. And you train them. You give them spiffs, you give them awards, you give them bonuses. Cool. Well who keeps the job board full? Ummmmm. The technicians??? No. The CSR's. No matter how AMAZING your technicians are, if their job board isn't full, does it really matter?

Ok, fine. So what is the CSR capable of? They are not only capable of keeping the job board full, they are capable of reaching the customer in a way NO ONE else in your company is able to. The customer is willing to say things to the CSR that they would never tell anyone else in your company. They can gather tremendous business intelligence. We can show them how in a powerful and curious way. Then we can train the Manager how to use that data gathered to make powerful decisions from data instead of a "gut feeling".  TRAIN MY LEADERS

Our process will help you to start leveraging the calls that you are already getting and turning each one into more. We can gather data. Help people in general. Book for multiple services on the same call. Sell or renew a club membership. Build a referral program with other businesses. Leverage a call where you thought you couldn't help a customer and turn it into a call that you can. Build out a follow up process to check in on customers and potential customers. And we can train them how to. On top of that we can show you how to truly empower your CSR's and unleash motivation and excellence. In short, with our complete process the CSR is capable of 3X profits just through the phone alone. 

Are You Still Small or Answer the Phone Yourself?

EVEN if you are SMALL right now you can still grow quickly. IN most cases we have been to help service business owners double in size TWO or THREE times in just a few months. Talk to us, and let's see what you have going. IF we can help you we will let you know. 

Peak Results for Your Service Business

How Hard Is It For A Customer To Work With You?

Do you know how hard or easy it is to work with you? How often are your CSR's asking for business? How much effort does your company make to work with customers or potential customers? 

There are lots of things that turn a customer on or off about your company. SO what can you control? 

Resolving the issue, concern, problem, or the causing them to feel closure for the reason that they called you on the first time you speak with them is CRUCIAL. Does a customer call you to find out what you cannot do? No, they call to find out what you can do. FOCUS on what you can do, and light them up, then ALWAYS follow up with them.

Meeting your customers needs on every single interaction, every single time. Even if it is just connecting with them and helping them feel understood and connected.  Giving your customer an experience that motivates them to refer you and your business. How many times do we make it hard to work with us? How much effort does a customer have to make to actually work with you. Make it as easy as possible.

 We specialize in turning every single call or visit into more. We can triple your profits through your call takers alone. Schedule a time to meet with us to find out how. 

How To Work With High Net Worth Customers

Every single interaction is about the customer and their needs

Develop a niche of high net worth customers and perfect yourself in that niche. Ask them to introduce you to their friends who are like them. If they like you and you like them, then they can help you meet other people that you will have a natural affinity for.

They aren't all that different from you. The likes are unique and personalized, but they still have to put their pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else.

Be very clear and if you ask for something, be very specific

Make sure that they are knowledgeable, educated, and empowered.

Create and environment where they are comfortable and feel confident opening up to you

Organize events - or sponsor events - that highlight or cater to things that interest them, or that they support. ​

Present solutions not products or services. They have seen most pitches out there by this point, Get known as a great listener and a master of solutions. Make sure that the solutions that you present are for the problems that they perceive that they have.