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Top-Performing Sales Advisors... Are Precise In Their Heat Load Calculation, Their Duct Measurements, And Their Customer s Quality Of Life Assessment. 

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A nonprofit organization examined air conditioning manufacturers efficiency versus the actual efficiency that resulted after installation.


North Carolina Alternative Energy Corp.
• 90% of the units tested exhibited some sort of energy-wasting problem.
• 50% had an improper refrigerant charge.
• 40% failed to meet minimum air flow criterion.
- 20% were barely inside the range specified by manufacturers.
• A deficiency of only 20% in indoor air flow reduces the SEER rating by 17%
• A 15% return air leak from a 120º attic can reduce a 12 SEER to a 6 SEER.

Texas A&M University
• A 23% refrigerant undercharge could result in a 52% efficiency loss.

Pacific Gas & Electric
The average heating energy savings for...
• Repair of disconnected ducts was 15%
• Repair of diffuser leakage was 7.5%
• Correction of low air flow was 5.6%
• Repair of leaks and correction of refrigerant charge was 18.4%

Lakeland Electric & Water
• Cooling energy was reduced by and average of 17.4% for repairing leaky duct work.

• In 20 years a 12 SEER unit could degrade to a 6 SEER if it is not properly maintained....This would double energy costs.

Louisiana State University & Gulf State Utility
• Consumers can save about $30.00 per month just by making sure that their air conditioning system is cleaned and serviced regularly.

HVAC Manufacturers
• Data shows a condensing unit with a SEER of 13 matched with an old air handler would decrease the SEER to 9.2, resulting in a 30% efficiency loss.

We MUST do better.

Nowadays, great comfort advisors let their customer lead instead of follow. Instead of taking power and control, they give it away... as fast as people can handle it. Done right, this creates happy customers and liberates rejection and a failed sales call report to their bosses. We call the process the Leadership Steps™, and it's at the heart of our Hands-Free Leadership sales accelerator for comfort advisors at service businesses.

Jeremiah Webb - Master of Growth

Build Yourself, And Build Your Brand Excellence

The result is loyalty. Customer are no longer brand loyal but they are still rewards loyal. It's important that you can build a great value for the brands that you sell. But it's even more important that you build a great value for the brand which is your service business. They need to KNOW what you will bring. What you will deliver, and what you have been able to handle and solve in the past. Build a list of Company Heroes. Build a list of company stories in the community. Then bring the value of the two brands - your's and the brand you deal to really create a powerful one two punch combination. When you do this effectively,  all brains and all hearts are switched "on." People are self-motivated to work with you. They see the best way forward is to work with you. They take the initiative—intelligently and together—to work with you, so that you can make great things happen for them.

And there's more. Risk is managed automatically.  start stepping back to think more strategically. Everyone focuses more on the "technical details" that matter most. Actually its the Lifestyle that does. And what the new technoligy can do to make it great. People LOVE coming home again. 

REMEMBER, most people have NO IDEA what a great High Efficiency system can do. They have no idea ALL of the things that can be solved when you can keep humidity around 45%. You need to find out what is really causing them pain, and then drive the solutions that will totally alleviate it.